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We decided to do a little respite, but after a long time did not update the wallpapers and what we choose to do so that one stone kill two birds. 🙂


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Nokia Asha 309

Nokia has brought joy, to his admirers a new model. Appeared Asha 309  54×109, 9×13, 2mm size, and very attractive design. Is powered by two times, faster Xpres Nokia browser. Facebook and Twitter are, on display initial ready for use. Other than that, this application and machine inspection, of consumed. energy data.

nokia asha 309

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iPod shuffle

There is a new iPod shuffle, with their latest achievements. And this time, managed to iPod with their model, challenges the respect and admiration of fans. With a variety of choice and music, spots. And a new grille, with a reinforced aluminum. iPod shuffle, seems irresistible

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iPod nano

Entertainment is an integral part, of life around the world. In an effort to cheer up people looking, for the latest developments, of the story devices. That would shorten, and thus beautified moment. This is, what we came to. ipod nano that gives pleasure, to all every minute.

iPod nano foto

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iPod touch

Often when we’re bored and you want, to raise your spirits. Looking for something, that would take us interested in. Watching TV, play pc games on a computer, or cell phone. Has now appeared Ipod touc, that you all provide. Entertainment at a Glance.

iPod touch foto

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