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We decided to do a little respite, but after a long time did not update the wallpapers and what we choose to do so that one stone kill two birds. 🙂


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Seychelles are an interesting location for tourists worldwide. People who are looking for luxury, romance and beautiful beach and sea to be found here. The place is ideal for couples who want to spend their honeymoon. Enough is tempting for people who want peace and isolation, and therefore a nice vacation. In one word, a tropical paradise on earth is in the Seychelles.
Moja kreacija sejsela

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Little visits Cuba

Cuba cigarettes country, tradition and good nightlife. Located on the Caribbean Sea, sandy beaches and rich in attractive hotels. Known for its old American cars, rum and good dance genres (Mambo, Rumba) attracted my interest …


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One of my exciting tours, begins precisely at Bahamas. Between Florida in the east, north of the Cube and the Caribbean, and west of the island of Caicos, there is this beautiful destination. Apart from the rich tourist offer, beautiful beaches, luxury and entertainment at night, the island can boast of an ancient history.

Bahani foto za sajt-moja kreacija

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Cars Future

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